living in a world of disney!

a bit of photoshop wizardry for a fri!


perusing the daily blogs

whilst checking out the blogs i look at daily i spotted this...check it out - the lovelyness of this ♥ libertys building ♥



....and here is its cover!


today we sneaked into the arboretum such lush colours!


a wonderful idea!

ive just stumbled across this WONDERFUL idea for weddings and parties - VERY x factor! hire yourself your own photo booth for your event - you get all the prints and photos on the cd too looks great fun - (knowing how much a love a bit of the mac photo booth i know i would love this! they even provide you with props for creating fun photos


just another day.....

lovely lovely illustrations by Zoe More O'Ferrall on topshops blog
i &hearts london


pom pom boooo

already had three pom poms fallen off on pom pom jumpers first outing! - topshop crappy quality!!


pom pom pom

just bought this - feel slightly ridiculous saying ive bought a pom pom themed jumper but i do love it really!!!
good old toppers! ^_^

♥ craftacular!! ♥

it was quite a long time ago now (hmmm end of aug....) that i went to new yorks "bust magazines" CRAFTACULAR craft fair in bethnal green in london town and is was ace man!!!! tatty d were there and i got to make my own charm bracelet that was lots of fun! heres a photo of me in awe of all the lush charms! IF you see that they do another go check it out!

on another note my friend steph... has just got an internship there and im mega excited for her!!


mum says its just magical!!

" where there is great love there are always miracles "

a very disney-esk quote perhaps??
dont really know what im going on about i really should be doing other going to go do them now....

thought i needed to start posting again!!

currently working on the bloomsbury catalogue 09/ this space for some snippets!
in the mean time take a look at all the lush products here....
also check out this fox!! it has a lovely orange top hat to match his coat!